Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thai Diner/Broad St. Location

Friday nite found us anticipating going to see the Indiana Jones flick as well as meeting friends for Thai. We like to pick the UA10 on Broad Street b/c typically it's not packed like other theatres around town. So, that left us only one choice of restaurant- Thai Diner in the Westland shopping center (has a sister location in Carytown).

I can not say enough good things about Thai diner! Our party split apps: calamari, fried spring rolls, fresh spring rolls. Everything flavorful & appetizing which really whet my appetite for the main course.

Hubs had the crab and shrimp fried rice special. His only complaint was that there were peas and carrots throughout and that's his #1 pet peeve about americanized asian food. (mine too if I think about it!) I had the chicken pad see eu- deeeeeeeeeelicious! Hit the spot! And I enjoy having the option of ordering the thin noodles w/my dish (I have texture issues w/the really thick/slimy noodles).

An FYI-- If you've never been, Thai Diner has 3 kinds of hot. Medium (for us wimpy folk), American hot and Thai hot. Medium is still pretty dang spicy depending on who's cooking that nite.

Love this place and it makes me so happy that it's a convenient take out option!

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Kelli said...

My hubs and I love love love that place. The prices are great, especially for lunch. Umm now I want it.

But I love reading your blog, we just moved to Richmond so it has been great to read about restaurants in the area.