Thursday, May 8, 2008

Chicken Parm Burgers

Thank you AGAIN, Penzey's, for jazzing up my boring, old weeknite chicken.

I had 3 chicken breasts (approx. 1lb) thawing in the fridge today w/no idea what I was going to do with them. Then, my tastebud's wheels started to turn as I remembered my new Penzey's Italian Sausage Seasoning sitting, waiting for me in my cabinet. And I had buns. And I had provolone. And now here you have my Penzey's inspired Chicken Parm Burger!

Bella's Chicken Parm Burger
Makes 6 Good Sized Burgers

1 lb whole chicken breasts
1/2 onion, grated
2 garlic cloves, grated on microplane
1/4 c. fresh, finely chopped basil
1/4 c. fresh grated parm. reg.
1/2 jar of marinara
2 tspn. Penzey's Italian Sausage Seasoning
6 buns (I would suggest a hearty sour dough, we used whole grain)
6 slices provolone

Take chicken, cut in large chunks and place in food processor. Pulverize. For some reason the meat sticks together better this way for burgers than store bought pre-ground chicken. Mix chicken with onion, garlic, basil, parm & seasoning. Shape into 6 burgers.
Fry burgers up in a pan over medium heat or grill until cooked through/no longer pink.

Turn broiler on high and toast buns & heat marinara(I add 1 tspn of the it. sge. seasoning to the marinara) while chicken is cooking. Once chicken is done, place burgers on a cookie sheet. Top them with a small ladle of sauce, cover with slice of provolone and place under broiler until cheese is melted (not browned).

Serve immediately!

*Cooks Note-- I would recommend Sour Dough as it's sturdy enough to stand up to the sauce without getting soggy. I swiped our buns w/a bit of butter and toasted really well in a pan. But, b/c they were whole wheat, they got soggy pretty quick. I will tell you though, those first 3 bites with the crispy buttery bun, melty oozy cheese, sauce & spicy chicken was heaven singing a hallelujah chorus in my mouth! :) Sour dough might help the divine experience last a little longer! ;)

You notice I also put the sauce on the meat first. This is an attempt to have the cheese seal in the sauce and try to spare the soggy-ness. (is that a word?) A piece of cheese on the bottom bun is not a bad idea either!

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That Girl said...

I think this is a great twist on a plain old boring burger