Friday, May 16, 2008

Chicken, Bacon, Ranch Pizza

This post is dedicated to the hubs who loves this pizza. I honestly could take it or leave it. I mean, it's tasty and all, but there are other things I like better. IE: if you put some in some GOAT CHEESE & take the ranch out....I'm there! ;)

In this post I would also like to declare that I am the Queen of Making Tasty Stuff With Leftover Crap. Seriously. If it were an olympic sport, I would be a hardcore competitor.

So, I had some leftover calzone dough and pizza sauce lounging around the freezer along with a lone chicken breast. All of a sudden the pistons started firing as I remembered I also had some bacon hiding in my cheese drawer---and voila! We have Chicken, Bacon, Ranch Pizza!

I know there's got to be a recipe or two out there for this, but I don't follow any, I just slap it together until it looks tasty! Go by your own tastes-- everyone is particular about amt. of sauce, cheese, etc.-- just use this recipe as a guideline.

Chicken, Bacon, Ranch Pizza

1 roasted chicken breast*
4 slices cooked bacon
1 c. pizza sauce (I make my own)
1/2 c. ranch dressing
1 Tbsp. dry ranch dip mix
Lite Provolone Slices
Shredded Monterey Jack
2 rounds of thawed calzone dough, at room temp

Place pizza stone(s) in oven. Preheat oven to 500 degrees.

Heat pizza sauce over moderate heat, adding 1 Tbsp. ranch dip mix.

Roll out your dough very thin w/a little flour. Place it on parchment and then parchment/dough onto a pizza peel. I don't have a peel, so I flip a cookie sheet upside down and use that.

Top w/sauce (go light, you don't want to make the crust soggy. Top with a little ranch, your meats, then your cheeses. I sprinkle w/the Monterey Jack and then cover with Provolone slices. Makes for an ooey gooey, but not too much, cheesy slice.

Knock oven back to 450. Slide pizza(s) onto pizza stone(s) carefully. I usually pull out the oven rack w/the stone on it, grab the parchment closest to the stone and slide it quickly onto the hot stone surface. Quickly push rack back into oven and close door.

Bake for approx 12-15 minutes. Depending on your oven and how done you like your cheese. Crust will be super crispy!

*Cook's Note-- I roast my chicken breast at 400-425 for approx. 35 minutes after rubbing it down w/some olive oil, a generous amt. of kosher salt and pepper.


Carrie said...

Looks yummy, I love this combo.

That Girl said...

We had pizza tonight too!