Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I really WANT to like Bacchus. I have friends who LOVE Bacchus. There's something about the interior that is cozy and appeals to me. However, there's something about the food that never quite makes the level Bacchusl likes to project. This has been the only consistency in the many times I've tried their food.

Saturday found us embroiled in hard labor, working on stripping our dining room walls amongst other domestic projects. As a "reward" we wanted to go out for a nice meal and kick back. Thus, we found ourselves at Bacchus.

I ordered the gorgonzola, polenta, marinara app. Hubs ordered the shrimp scampi app. Mine was tasteless and bland. Even the sauce, which I could clearly tell was homemade. My gorgonzola had one vein in it that I could tell and that was the only bite that packed any punch. Hubs had no complaints about his shrimp.

For my main course, I ordered spaghetti carbonara which, while flavorful, had cream in it. Thus, the thick, clingy sauce I desired was not delivered. Btw- isn't it a cardinal sin or something to add cream to carbonara? ;) I really enjoyed the sauvignon blanc by the glass that my server rec'd.

Hubs veal was tasty, the portion generous. The veg. left something to be desired. The plating looked like something fresh off the line at a Morrison's. The beans/carrots overcooked and they might as well have taken an ice cream scoop to serve up the potatos just like my lunch lady in high school for all the thought that went into arranging the food artfully. The reason I'm complaining about this so much (b/c I know you're raising your eyebrows at me and making that swirling finger around the ear "she's crazy" motion right about now) is that the veal was $24. Really? $24 for the "morrison's plate?" $12 for my carbonara is about right and for that I will not complain.

I think Bacchus needs to settle in and accept itself for what it is-- a neighborhood joint where folks go for comfort food. They keep trying to act like they are fine dining, mainly by jacking prices. I say, give it up! There are a ton of fine dining options. People want something they can depend on day to day, not just for 'special occasions.' Just my .02 garnered from observing and eating at the place over the years. I've decided if I want authentic Italian in Richmond that won't piss me off, I need to stick to Edo's or Mamma Zu's. My recommendation is that you stop here for dessert and a cocktail after eating somewhere else. B/c I will tell you they make a mean chocolate peanut butter pie!

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You should definitely be hired on as a restaurant consultant.