Saturday, April 5, 2008

Herb Garden Project

Ok, here we go-- I am an idiot with plants. And that's putting it nicely! It kind of "hurts" my feelings, b/c I like to think I'm a nurturing soul. And I do nurture my plants. To death.

I have OVER watered since I can remember trying to grow plants as a child (my mom has a green thumb and encouraged my bro and I to try and grow different things). I think it speaks to my co-dependent soul. :) If you want to "dig" that deep! LOL!

I am attempting an herb garden this year. I'm not successful bringing things to life from seed, so I got some plants that have already started growing. In the large trough we have sweet basil, thyme, italian parsley and chive. The two smaller pots are cherry tomatos and mint.

Now, I do know enough to know that mint NEEDS it's own container. Even if you plant everything else in the ground, mint should always be in a container (the size is up to you)-- b/c it grows like a frickin' weed. You blink and it will take over your whole yard! And luckily, it's about the only thing I can't kill.

I'm basically posting this in the hopes that someone out there might have some encouragement and possibly some tips for me-- help is appreciated! :)


MrsSisler said...

I am so excited to get my herbs started. You'll love them!

My basil and thyme plants got fairly large last year. They may overcrowd the other plants in your trough, so if they get too big, you might need to put them in their own containers.

That's my only suggestion. They like lots of sun & water!

Good Luck =)

bellalately said...

Good to know! Thanks mrssisler-- I was wondering about that and do have some other pots at the ready to transfer any herbs that get bushy too.

Or, I could just cut them back and dry them, right?

MrsSisler said...

You definitely could! I also made herb butters, idea compliments of politicschick, and it worked beautifully!

Anna said...

If you have a yard, I'd recommend trying chives in the flowerbed/corner of the lawn you dig up. They can be really hardy, and come back year after year - even after the -40* winters I get in Canada.

Alas, my other attempts at herbs haven't gone so well. I managed to kill dill last summer.

~Amber~ said...

I tried planting some strawberries last year. The stupid birds ate them all, then we had a cold snap and the plants died, then it got warm and they miraciously grew back and had 2 wonderful cute strawberries on them. :)

Good luck with your herbs. Grow little beauties, grow!