Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Had the chance to pop into this cute little neighborhood restaurant Sat. nite. My friend and I took the last table in the place- you know, that weird little 2-top that basically sits out in the middle of the restaurant? :)

We split the pork potstickers that are a special offering right now. And they were excellent! But $10 for a handful of potstickers? That seemed a little much for me, however delicious they may have been. My burger and fries was only $5.99!And I will tell you that my burger was one of the best I have had in town!

And now Bamboo is going to come to mind anytime I'm craving a burger. Service was great, they took good care of us. Love the cozy interior of the place. Just can't believe I've overlooked it in the past and had never popped in.

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Kate said...

You have the coolest places around you. I think the only place we have that serves potstickers and burgers is Cheesecake Factory.