Thursday, March 13, 2008

Vegas, baby.......

..........just back from the bright lights and money sucking tourist mecca that is Vegas. Somehow I have managed to be allergic to the one plant/tree that blooms there in spring! How does that happen? In the desert? Anyway, trip was fab, we kept busy over our five days, we:

* Visited Rosemary's- Nevada's Best Restaurant 2007
* Saw Mamma Mia
* Toured some casinos (NY/NY, Venetian, Caesar's, MGM, Hard Rock) and shopped
* Ate REALLY well in general
* Lost our ass at slots/black jack-- but again, fun!

This time we stayed at the Luxor due to it's cheapness and close proximity to my husband's trade show in Mandalay (Mandalay was booked in DECEMBER when we tried to book for this show-- lesson learned, book early!!) Tip about the Luxor-- if you have to stay here (it's usually a good deal and a good location)--- stay in the towers, try not to be in the pyramid if you can help it.

Other tips for Vegas if you've never been:

* Guaranteed, you will change clothes 3X a day, so pack plenty!
* Bring cute shoes that also will not kill your feet, you will not believe how much walking you will do
* There are convenience stores and cheaper restaurants outside of your hotel, make sure to check them out (esp. for water and snacks)
* Bring plenty of lotion, bandaids, visine and advil/excedrine migraine
* As long as you're gambling, drinks are free-- but, don't forget to tip your server!

I will review Rosemary's separately, but wanted to mention we ate at the Strip Steak & Giorgio Caffe in Mandalay. Strip Steak has THE most amazing truffled macaroni and cheese. I don't think I need to mention that the steaks are ridiculously huge, expensive and delicious. Giorgio's Italian menu is simple, but the ingredients fresh and satisfying. Love the Burger Bar, ran out of time to visit it this year, but wanted to mention it to those that might be interested.

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