Friday, February 22, 2008

Book Rec: My Life in France

As if I did not already adore Julia Child enough, I went ahead and read her book. Thoroughly absorbing, entertaining and honest, My Life in France now resides on my favorite books list.

I'm no book reviewer, but an excellent overview can be found in the NY Times Sunday Book Review:

I urge anyone with a love for food, esp. French cuisine, to check it out! It has so much warmth and insight. I didn't think it was possible to like and respect her more, but I do after having read this book. She states her political & basic life philosophies in a simple, straightforward and compassionate manner. I found myself nodding in agreement with her many times and thinking to myself, "She's actually someone, if I had found myself during the same time/proximity that I quite possibly could have been friends with!" :)
I found the political parallels between then and now not only ironic, but also disturbing.

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Kate said...

I was so tempted to read this after reading Julie and Julia....of course I was also tempted to make every single recipe from JC's cookbook also.