Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Inlaw Visit = Canal Tour in Richmond

To quote my husband, "The Richmond Canal tour is worth $5, but not 6.........." Sunday, after Hanna, was a beautiful, clear, no-humidity day. So in all, a lovely day to tour the canal. Of course we got there 1 minute past the time the first tour was heading out. So, we bought our tickets and opted to saunter up to Stool Pigeons for a Mimosa while we waited for the next tour to come around.
I think it's hard to hear the tour guide and the tour itself deserves a script that has more meat and structure. There's so much history in the bottom area that is significant that wasn't even touched upon.
My 2 fav parts of the tour were the mention of our lucky strike factory in The Shawshank Redemption as well as the turtles hanging out on the banks and swimming freely next to the tour boat :)

I also got a really sweet shot of downtown on our way back in:

Our lunch consisted of a trip to Zuppa. (I've talked about it on here recently). Which was not as crazy packed for lunch as it is for the work crowd during the week. The French Dip is still delicious and I've discovered that their chili cheese fries are worth an honorary mention. Crispy fries, tasty chili w/real cheese (no canned, goopy plasticky stuff). This is a "must stop" for lunch sometime if/when you're down in the bottom.

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That Girl said...

Wow canals in Venice, Amsterdam, and now Richmond too? How romantic!