Friday, August 15, 2008


Popped into Zuppa for lunch and they were hopping this week! If you are planning on dropping by anytime soon, be forewarned that Main St. is closed between 14th and 17th, so you're going to have to do some fancy footwork to get over the 18th Street. (maybe just stick to Broad St. for that stretch)

Just wanted to share that I think Zuppa is a great value for the money. And that I had the best french dip I've eaten so far in Richmond. Sorry, Starlite! You've been replaced! This sandwich was SERIOUS. The roast beef had been dipped in au jus and you could tell the swiss was of top shelf quality. It didn't just blend into the meat like gooey melted plastic. The flavor stood up on it's own as a perfect counterpart to the beef. The bread was akin to Texas toast and had a nice buttery crunch.

My friend had the fried tilapia/fish sandwich special w/a side of their tomato soup. She said the sandwich was ok, she expected more kick, but that the tomato soup was the best part of her meal. Better be at a place named Zuppa!

Service was great, esp. considering how busy it was. My only complaint is that the guy never took a drink order and didn't offer us dessert. I must've had a "I really shouldn't be eating here b/c I'm supposed to be on a diet" vibe hardcore all over me. Oh well, saved me money! And calories! But, I will def. be back for more calories in the future! ;)

101 N 18th St
Richmond, VA 23223
Phone: (804) 249-8831

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That Girl said...

I would totally say it with an exclamation mark every time I said it - ZUPPA!