Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fizz No. 1 - Love at first sip....

Last nite, the hubs surprised me with an evening out at Acacia.
I can't believe it's taken us this long to try their new location, but fortunately that's been remedied.

Walking into the restaurant was like coming home to me. Everything I love about a good restaurant experience rushed up to enthusiastically greet me with the bustling, friendly service staff and the clatter/chatter of content diners in this clean, spare, low-lit, house music infused spot. The space is a perfect rectangle of grey, organized by soft barriers of low walls dividing seating sections, a bar area and a curtained area which I'm sure closes itself off to catered events.

We were seated in the banquette section along the far wall. Not usually a fan of such seating (think of the movie Valentine's Day- if you haven't seen it, you should, just for the banquette scene). The tables were far enough apart that you could have decent conversation with no one else's talking intruding.

Hubs got the steak w/roast potatoes, I ordered the sea bass over a parmesan and sweet pea risotto. I was quickly informed they were out and were substituting a rockfish (which I like better any way). The hubs thoroughly enjoyed the steak which had some sort of soy and beef broth sauce. The roast potatoes (fingerling white and purple) were a different story. Hard and undercooked, this is an unforgiveable sin in my book. Esp. when you're paying $5 per micro-potato. My rockfish, however, was pan seared to perfection and my only complaint about the risotto is that there wasn't enough. But, I do appreciate the reasonable portion sizes Acacia puts out so that you may enjoy many courses without overstuffing yourself.

All that aside, the piece de resistance for the evening was their Fizz No.1- a twist on the Pimm's Cup. Hendrick's Vodka, Pimm's No. 1 and Ginger Beer top the list of ingredients. It's brought out in an old-fashioned wide mouthed champagne glass (my personal fav as wel) with a small carafe containing an extra portion of this lovely elixir on the side. The first sip infused my mouth with cucumbery (my word, deal with it) herbal delight. I immediately and greedily wished for a pitcher of this sitting on my table. Marvelous summer cocktail- get thee to Acacia and try it tout suite!

Overall experience was enjoyable (potatoes notwithstanding) and we will be back soon! Keep doing what you're doing Acacia- Richmond needs more like you!

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pjpink said...

Eating and Imbibing at the bar at Acacia is the best. My hubby loved the Fizz #1 on Sat. The Brazilian Sunrise was good, too. Both were perfect for a hot day.