Friday, June 25, 2010

White Pizza

Nothing makes a hard, long week better than having some of your besties over and chowing down on some white pizza.

I also like to serve it with a side of garlic infused broccolini (thank you for the inspiration Zu's!) which provides a fresh counterbalance to all of the chewy cheesiness.

The pizza is pretty simple and you can adjust according to your own tastes. This time I used pizza dough from Whole Foods, which was good but VERY chewy as it was whole wheat. Sometimes I make my own, last nite I didn't feel like being a hero, I was just trying to feed people ;)

So, I use:

Garlic Oil (make by frying up about 8 roughly chopped cloves until golden in 1 c. olive oil, strain)
Italian Fontina
Parm Reg
Whole Milk Ricotta
Fresh Herbs, chopped fine- Savory and Oregano from my porch

I hit the dough with oil, pile on as much cheese as you want, sprinkle on some herbs, hit w/some more oil and bake. When it comes screaming hot out of the oven, I hit it w/a few more herbs and pass around the Parm Reg so every one can cheese it up to their own tastes.

A winner, every time!


chris said...

good stuff, we do pizza night at least once a week and about a year ago started doing white pizzas. never to go back.

these are most excellent on the grill as well. you can buy pizza plates for the grill. i do the dough over direct heat for just a minute or two, take it inside and load it up with cheeses, oil, garlic, whatever, then put it back on direct heat for maybe up to 10 minutes or until done. really awesome. especially when you follow it with grilled skewers of pineapple and banana chunks that you've soaked in rum/brown sugar for a few hours.

i've had oregano (which i never really use) in my garden for several years. so a few months ago i grabbed a handful, chopped it up, and put it on our pizzas...and it was TERRIBLE, totally bitter, unedible. any ideas on what i did wrong? too much? are you supposed to dry it first?

you have a great blog. don't know who you are but kate fletcher turned me on to you...have only been reading since the energy bar post but i love your stuff. also you gots great taste in music/movies...rushmore, tenenbaums, cowboy junkies, calexico? yea.

bellalately said...

Hey Chris- thanks for your post! As far as the oregano- I use it VERY sparingly b/c as you've said it's pretty strong and astringent. Sometimes it's just easier to use the dried b/c you can guage it better.

Def. do pizzas on the grill around here, closest you can get to brick oven!