Thursday, October 2, 2008

Whole Paycheck......

......finally made my way over to Short Pump to visit the new Whole Foods. I'm really still in shock that we got one. Since transplanting here from Chicago, it's something I have yearned for. Yet, when the store opened, I stayed away b/c I knew it was going to be bombarded.

Somehow this past Sunday, a friend talked me into popping into the WF. I was feeling brave that day (maybe it was the mimosa's from Millie's) so I said, "Sure! Why not?" And I was delighted to find, it's still as wonderful as I remember. It was busy, but not as insane as I had imagined.

Gorgeous and varied produce. So many kinds of yogurt, it boggles the mind. Cheese for days. Hot and salad bars, that, if I lived closer, would mean I would never cook again! I was very excited to find Fage, a greek yogurt called for in a lot of recipes I have on hold to try. And I'm happy to report I left unscathed with a mere $25 worth of goodies in tow.

I'm even more excited for the opening of Trader Joe's. Quality organic products at even more fair prices than WF. Yay! Richmond has finally come into the 21st century!

Note to self: Leave reusable shopping bags in car for impromptu shopping moments such as these.
Note to WF: A wider variety in the whole grain pasta would much appreciated. Didn't see much here I couldn't find at Kroger. Would esp. love to see whole grain orzo!


Elly said...

The bionaturae pasta they sell at WF is the best ww pasta I have tried. I've only seen ww orzo once (not at WF) and it was really bad. Not sure if it was the brand or not but it was so gummy and icky. I have just stuck with my good ol' enriched orzo since I don't eat it that often :)

Vanessa said...

Just in case you don't desire to drive to the west end each time you need greek yogurt, Ellwoods and Foodlion (yes... I really am not joking) carry Fage.

bellalately said...

Hey! Thanks for tip Vanessa- I always appreciate tips! :)

I had a sneaking suspicion Ellwoods might sell it, but I stay out of there for fear I would walk out with a second mortgage on my home. :)

But, FL really surprises me! I really need to pop in there, haven't been in one in about a year. Their chix broth is $85 to Kroger's $1.35, so that's one reason to pop by to stock up.

Hey Elly! Yeah, I've had some nasty WG orzo, but I did find some at Fresh Market that is pretty darn good! Guess I'll stick to that for now.

Anonymous said...

Some Ukrpops have Fage.