Thursday, October 2, 2008

Millie's Diner

Ok, I know Millie's is held in high regard and is much beloved in this town. And as much as I want to fall in love with Millie's, I find that for some reason, I just can not. I love the variety of their menu and what they represent as far as a quality local restaurant. However, I have yet to find something on the menu that speaks to me and beckons me to come back for more.

This past Sunday I went a-brunching with my ladies. A big part of brunch for me would be the beverages. Two complaints here-- bloodies at Millie's are neither tasty enough, nor do they have any heat, the mimosa's are extremely acidic and left me with indigestion. (And this is saying a LOT b/c I have an iron stomach).

I had the Huevos Rancheros, which were tasty enough, but nothing to write home about. And the "salsa" on top was actually super chunky and akin to pico de gallo. Others in my party had the breakfast burrito, eggs benedict served on a croissant and cheddar biscuits with gravy. The biscuits and gravy disappeared off of my friend's plate at light speed, so I take that to mean she enjoyed them. :) The eggs bene on a croissant got rave reviews, I have decided I will have to go back to try this. And lastly, the burrito, there was a bit of a scuffle over this particular item.

Normally, my friend is offered(by her regular waiter which we did not have on this day) to add eggs to her breakfast burrito. This particular Sunday morning, that did not happen, so my friend asked for eggs to be added. She was told a flat, "no." Granted, the sign upfront does say- "no substitutions" and that always puts the fear of God into me to not to have a "When Harry Met Sally" moment. But, since the precedent was set for my friend that she could have eggs, she was taken aback. And then sullen. I daresay it almost ruined our fun brunch. As a consolation prize we did get toast and apologies later.

I will say the coffee and potatos are great. And if you've ever read any of my other reviews, these are the 2 most important criteria in my opinion of a breakfast/brunch place.

In all, it was ok. Was it worth an hour wait? In my opinion, no. My preference for brunch in this town so far is for Can Can or Kitchen 64 (AWESOME bloody mary's).
2603 E Main St
Richmond, VA 23223
(804) 643-5512

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Bunny Trails said...

Hi Bella! Fantastic blog! For fear of Richmond backlash, I have to say I agree with you. While I have only been twice, it was a bad enough experience that I haven't returned. Both dishes I tried were majorly over-spiced and over-cooked. Maybe, just maybe, I'll venture away from Can-Can and hit Millie's brunch again. I hate to write a place off. However, know that at least 1 person shares your Millies 'woes'!