Sunday, June 1, 2008


I have to say that I love the recent trend of salvaging names of old businesses downtown on Broad Street, even while turning the old spaces into restaurants. First was Popkin's, which used to be a furniture store, now an awesome lofted space that serves as bar, pool hall and restaurant. They even kept old furniture ads, framed them nicely and have them hanging about the place. And now, Tarrant's, an old converted drug store.

Tarrant's has been open for a while now, but I had hung back. Mainly bc. around this town, when something first opens, it's swarmed. And newer restaurants, partic. locally owned, will take a while to find their "legs." And as expected, I heard mixed reviews from friends.

Well, this quiet Sunday morning, after a relaxing weekend, offered the perfect opportunity to venture down Broad to Tarrant's for a taste of their brunch. Parking, for those that don't know, is always a little tricky around this area of town. But, on a Sunday, it was plentiful. I think esp. so b/c VCU etc. is out for the summer, so that lightens up the population downtown.

We rolled up, were immediately greeted and seated. At noon, the place was barely half full and the atmosphere subdued. It's a long and narrow space with a vintage mirrored wood bar to the right as you enter and a tall, 3-section server/wait station to the left. As you move to the back, the restaurant is flanked with carved wooden booths on each side. 4-seaters on the left, 6-seaters on the right. I have to say my fav piece in the place is the preserved and framed "Prescriptions" sign over the bar! ;)

We opted for the brunch menu. Hubs customizing his omelet (which was a monster) that came w/home fries and fruit. He also ordered a side of pancakes that carried a yummy, heavy hit of vanilla. My eggs benedict also came with the home fries as well. The eggs bene. were delicious, the eggs almost a little underdone, but the hollandaise was generous and well balanced (too much lemon can kill it for me).

I have to share with you that the 2 things that can make or break a breakfast/brunch place for me are the coffee and the potatos. One hard potato and I'm never going back. These home fries were perfect. Red bliss potatos, creamy on the inside, crispy and well seasoned on the outside having been fried up with some bacon! I mean, how can you go wrong w/bacon? And I got a freshly brewed cup of hangover curing coffee. :)

All in all, we had a pleasant, laid-back brunch experience. The menu beyond brunch, looked monstrous and left me wondering how they kept up with all of their offerings. I guess I'll have to stop back in sometime for dinner to find out!

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That Girl said...

Brunches are the best part of the weekend! We found a new one today also.