Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kitchen 64

It's taken me almost a year, but I finally headed over to the North Side to visit Kitchen 64 for brunch. It's a happening spot on Sunday's, so my word of advice is to get there before 11!

Luckily, today was temperate and they had fans as well as a tent over the outdoor seating area. So, our party opted to dine al fresco.

Today was also Eggs Bene Day for everyone. I had the regular, the 2 other friends with me had the Smoked Salmon Bene and Crab Cake Bene. Each comes standard with perfectly blanched asparagus and crisp, golden-brown homefries.

I will have to say unequivocally, this is the best Eggs Benedict I have had in the last 5 years of living in Richmond. The VA ham is flavorful and the hollandaise well balanced. And yes, they passed my coffee & potatos "test." ;) Not to mention, you just can't beat $7.95 for Eggs Benedict!

I had a highly enjoyable Sunday Brunch experience and am looking forward to going back sometime soon for dinner. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Kitchen 64
3336 North Boulevard
Richmond, VA 23230
(804) 358-0064
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That Girl said...

Would you believe me if I told you I've never had eggs benedict in my life?

bellalately said...

Yes, girl, I would! B/c I didn't have them until my late 20's :) And I've been enjoying them in non-moderation ever since. LOL!

Prudy said...

I love your header. I'm also crazy about eggs benedict. It's our Christmas brunch tradition. The chicken and potatoes below look so yummy. I love any Flay recipe I can get my hands on.