Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cooking Nite Prep

Recently I've fallen into a great group of foodies and have offered to host "Cooking Nite" at my home. The theme I chose was French-- not out of pretension or food snobbery, merely b/c I wanted an excuse to make creme brulee!

I also love any excuse to buy fresh flowers! I loaded up on buds at Fresh Market yesterday. I'm particularly pleased with these hydrangea-
I know! I know! I get a little carried away, but you would've too had you seen these hydrangea in the store! :)

I've also chosen what I think to be a decent Pinot Noir/Burgundy for the evening, I'll certainly give an update once it's consumed.

Speaking of carried away, does anyone else do this before a party? Lay out all of your dishes the nite before? Or is it just me......I'm sure it's just me ;)

I'll be sure to share my chicken roasting adventure with you all as well.
Stay tuned! :)


Laura said...

The flowers are beautiful, I'm especially fond of hydrangeas myself. I screamed aloud in the backyard when I discovered I had 6 huge bushes! :D

Amber said...

Those flowers are beautiful! And what a smart woman for getting everything out and organized the night before. :)