Friday, July 16, 2010

Pimm's Cup on the Porch

Fizz No. 1 at Acacia started me down the road of longing for a proper Pimm's Cup. So, after fiddling around with a few ingredients, I think I've come up with what I think to be a superbly tasty version. Nothing like a little Pimm's Cup for porch sipping w/friends on a muggy summer's eve to take the edge off.......

Bella's Pimm's Cup for the Porch-

3 large mint leaves
Splash simple syrup
1/8 slice of lemon ( I do quarters )
1" chunk of cucumber
1/2 tspn grated, fresh ginger
1 shot Hendrick's gin
1 shot Pimm's No. 1
Ginger beer
Piece of cucumber shaved w/a vegetable peeler for garnish
Chilled 12 oz beer glass, filled with ice

Muddle mint, lemon, ginger and cucumber in a cocktail shaker. Add a splash of simple syrup, muddle some more. Pour in the shots of gin and Pimm's with a little ice, light shake, strain into glass over ice. Fill rest of glass with ginger beer, garnish w/cucumber shaving. Makes 1 drink. Enjoy!


Cara said...

I've always wondered what a Pimm's is. Seeing your recipe, I think I'd like it!

bellalately said...

Cara, if you are a ginger fan, this drink is for you. You may want to scale the ginger back a bit as this amt. is spicy- depends on your tastes :)

This is actually a gussied up version. Most times in the UK they will make it for you w/Pimm's, 7-Up and a wedge of cucumber :)