Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Marinade of the gods.....

.......I'm normally a huge proponent of "do it yourself with fresh ingredients." However, where this marinade is concerned, I make an exception. I'm also sharing this, my best grilling secret, in the hopes that you will go out and buy it and thus keep it in production!(and maybe they'll pay me some coin for ad space!) It is beyond delicious when used on chicken.

Naturally Fresh makes this lip smacking lemon pepper marinade that can now be found on the marinades/condiments aisle at the grocery store (if your store sells this brand, that is). I found it by accident in the refridgerated/jar type dressings area in the produce section. Then, one day it wasn't there anymore- I panicked! Went online and found out it was shelf stable, so went hunting by the dry good marinades and voila! There it was, almost hiding on the verrrrrrrrrry top shelf.

Look how moist these are!

If I'm grilling for company, I also like to use these short, bamboo skewers b/c they are easy to handle and everyone always comments on how cute they are.

If you do manage to find and use this marinade-- I'd love to hear about it, so come back and see me with a comment!

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