Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Crap. I've been tagged.

Meg tagged me with the blogging game of 8 factoids about yourself.
Thanks Meg! :) **sticks out tongue at Meg**

1. I'm the messiest cook alive. I suppose that somewhere deep inside I think that if I dirty every single dish, pot and utensil in my kitchen, the dish HAS to taste good. Needless to say, this does not go over well with my dear husband as it has been our custom for me to cook and him to clean. ;)

2. My great uncle coached football at Ohio State, was a professor and still has a building named after him. He also coined the phrase "Intestinal Fortitude."

3. I was born in London during the height of the IRA bombings. My mom, very young and from the country in Arkansas, was not used to public transport to say the least. We were coming back from the zoo one day and my mom took the wrong train, with us ending up in Wales instead of London. Meanwhile, the train we would've taken was bombed and approx 250 people died that day.

4. My eyes are green, my mom's eyes are green, my dad's eyes are green(BOTH of them- step and bio), my brother's eyes are green, my brother's wife's eyes are green, my grandmother's eyes are green.

5. Almost everyone I know is lefthanded- my husband, dad, mom, grandmother, best friend. I'm the oddball right hander!

6. I have completely ruined my husband from ever enjoying a chain restaurant again- LOL! When we met, he was a sandwich, pizza, hot pocket kind of guy. Now, he says he can't eat at TGI Friday's b/c it "depresses" him. Yay! My job is done! Ha!

7. My hooker/stripper name is Tippy Fletcher. Nice, eh?

8. I drive like a grandma and still get into accidents all of the time. Minor ones though, usually no insurance involved. The last "incident" I had was releasing the clutch on my 5-speed and rolling back INTO another car. Just bumped him, no damage to either vehicle, but somehow managed to give myself a minor case of whiplash. What can I say? I'm talented! And, an awful driver.

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Carrie said...

Oh no! I missed that you've previously tagged and I've tagged you again! ;-)