Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer Sippin'

Friday, on a quest for the perfect wine to serve with spicy Thai, I found these two lovelies (thanks, oh helpful guy at Total Wine & More!) One from South Africa, one from California, both clean & smooth, a perfect compliment to our asian meal. These would also be wonderful to sip on their own, provided you're on a back porch with a fan in the deep humidity of summer. So now I'm on a Chenin Blanc kick with hopefully more to report back with soon!


Terry T. said...

Vouvray! Vouvray! Vouvray! Find an old one in good shape, not cooked. It will change your life, screw that South Africa shit.

bellalately said...

I agree Terry T.- I love me a demi-sec Vouvray. That was what I was in search of when I was pointed toward the chenin blanc. It is my new holy grail!